Please Any Taste with Gourmet Popcorn

Rich, buttery popcorn is always a favorite flavor but just recently the popcorn industry has actually seen an expansion in gourmet popcorn that is attracting a wide variety of special tastes. The old-style butter popcorn flavor will still be the # 1 selection for popcorn fans but with exciting gourmet flavors being made including jalapeno cheddar, chocolate flavored popcorn and spicy hot cheese the marketplace is now open to a whole new wave of popcorn enthusiasts who’s taste range from the exotic to the spicy. Find out more: gourmet flavored popcorn


Gourmet Flavored popcorn is nothing new. Seasonal gourmet popcorn tins have actually long been holding great tasting popcorn mixes including butter, cheese and caramel flavors but now the gourmet popcorn market is opening itself up to colorful and attracting flavors normally reserved for fine dining and foreign dishes. The great aspect of popcorn is how easy is lends itself to flavorful oils and seasonings that can jazz up traditional kettle corn popcorn and add a special and savory gourmet dishes.

Many Gourmet Popcorn Flavors to Try

Numerous of the new gourmet popcorn flavors fall in to two categories: indulgent chocolate mixes and spicy and zesty blends. Relying on how you like your popcorn there are a great assortment of both sweet and tangy gourmet popcorn flavors to please your specific tastes.

For the spice fan who delights in a excellent zing to his treats the gourmet popcorn online market has distinct and seasoned flavors including parmesan and garlic, white cheddar, and traditional cheddar cheese. Great for snacking on during motion pictures, sporting occasions and simply hanging out with friends the spicy and seasoned flavored popcorn mixes are packed with flavorful cheeses and pepper spices to jazz up traditional popcorn and develop exotic mixes that are for more sophisticated combinations.

Naturally popcorn also mixes well with sweet tastes and chocolate is no stranger to gourmet popcorn flavors. You can discover an incredible choice of chocolate laced gourmet popcorn flavors including a rich blend of white and dark chocolates pretzel, dark chocolate pretzel, chocolate flavored, s’mores and peanut butter chocolate. Rupturing with tasty flavors including marshmallow, rich caramel, almonds, pecans and sweet coconut these exotic chocolate flavors are sure to be a hit no matter where you are.

Other new gourmet popcorn that are getting appeal among more mature palate are gourmet flavors including blackberry popcorn, cinnamon toast and cookies and cream popcorn tin containers. The sweet tastes produce fantastic after-dinner gourmet popcorn that can be served with coffee or other post dish dessert wines and cordials.